Alcala SE Wind-Winds,Kite,Surf
The spot is called as well "K16", or Punta Blanca. You will find the spots around 2km after leaving the village of Alcala in the direction of Los Gigantes. There are 3 different very good waves. 1 left and righthander, 1 left and 1 right.
Surfing: the most consistent spot of the south of the island. Apart from the Southswell, you can nearly always find surfable waves here. At the northshore the waves nearly always enter with a lot more power then in the south. But here the waves

from northerly directions are always bigger then in the rest of the south.
Many Locals from the south know that and when they see that the waves at the Las Americas region are not powerful enough, they take the 40 min trip by car. Many times the swell enters first here and stays longer.
The lefthander at the total left of the small bay is an absolute Localwave. Very shallow, very fast, very tuby, very crowded by locals.
You have to be a very good surfer, respect the rules, keep understatement and have some luck, to be accepted there at a good day. The right in front of the "Chalet" at the other side of the bay and the right and lefthander in the middle are less crowded, easier to surf, but are quality waves too.
For Windsurfing and Kitesurfing you need a ESE to SE wind, which offers you sideoffshore condicions with up to 3 powerful frontside turns at the lefthander. The other 2 waves dont work with this winddirection. BEWARE: You have to enter and exit over the rocks, sometimes theres only some cm of water under your board and do be surprised if there appear some rocks right in your line during the bottom turn. As this is not enough you should go out ONLY if theres ENOUGH wind. Otherwise there will still be surfers and bodyboarders there which will not like to see you swimming around in the middle of the break. You should really only enter there if you have a very high level in windsurfing or Kiting AND if theres no surfers because of the strong wind.