Alcala NNW to NW wind - Windsurfing

The 3 breaks at Alcala work without wind nearly always, but several days per year you have the possibility to sail with NNW to NW as well there.
The lefthander then gives maybe only a ramp for jumping and of the wave in the middle you should better stay away as far as possible. One time washed there, its nearly sure that you goanna end on the rocks and you wont like this.

The righthander at the front of the "Chalet" is the only place at this bay were you can try your luck. This wave breaks just in front of the only house in all the bay.
Windsurfing: Enter over the rocks, rocks all around at the bay and on the "beach", very strong currents, gusty winds close to the shore, sets up to double mast high waves, break is very close to the rocks, inconsistant wind and nearly for sure - you are goanna be alone. Thats quick an idea of windsurfing at Alcala. You wanna play? FOR SURE YOU GOTTA PAY! Better stay out of the water!!!