La Caleta de Interian - Windsurf,Surf
The beach of La Caleta de Interian offers very constant surfing condicions. Pending on swell directions you have nearly always a good spot at that bay. More popular to local surfers from the north and the towns nearby.
The waves at the north of the island are always bigger then at the south. Many times if you dont find good waves, or only small waves in the south, you can find still very good condicions at the north of the island.

For windsurfing, all the spots at the northshore are not very consistant. Local winds and geographical circunstances make it always a gambeling to invest the time in the car, coming from the south. Strong SW to W winds are a good choice to take the risk. Then it blows sideoff to sideshore for radical down the line sailing.
The wind is gusty, the waves powerful, the reef shallow and rocks all over the place like everywhere at the north. But this is one of the beaches where you can - with a lot of luck - definitely have one of the best sessions of your life.