Playa del Socorro-North- Windsurf,Surf
This popular beach at the northshore just a few minutes away from Puerto de la Cruz has different breaks. All beachbreaks, only some rocks at the total left and total right side. The spot works with nearly all the swelldirections. Even southswell. Easy to park, lifeguards, restaurant, kiosk, sand, many girls, very consistent swell, nice views, many competitions, and just in the center of the northshore. There are many reasons why this spot is popular.

Its NOT a worldclass wave, but for sure one of the most consistents spots of all the Canary Islands. Its a beachbreak... For Windsurfing might be possible, we only sailed it once, but never seen anymore footage. Possibly could work some days per year with very strong W, NE, E and SE wind. SEND US YOUR FOTOS of Surfing and Windsurfing!!!!!