El Cabezo beach

El Cabezo works with NNE to E winds. These are the regular North Atlantic Trade Winds. This spot works 200 days a year with Waveequipment from 6,0 to 3,0 sails and XL to XS Waveboards. Sideonshore. Rocks. Better for Experts.


Beware of the rocks at the left hand side next to the beach. Very dangerous with High Tide!!! Less dangerous, but bad for the equipment is "Godzilla", a rock around 20 meters next to the entrance on the right hand side.

This spot works with every tide. Best condicions normally are from 3 hours before till 3 hours after Hightide. Many times the wind gets stronger after Hightide and the waves are cleaner. So the time to be is just when Hightide is reached.

There are public showers for everyones use. 

Homespot of the "best" sailors of Tenerife for its constant and high quality jump and surfcondicions.