Igueste - Surf
Igueste is maybe the best surfing spot on Tenerife. An incredible good and long lefthander. First problem: it works only with a NE swell. With other swells its just flat. Next problem: tuby, flat rocks and very powerful. Biggest problem: the only surf spot close to the capital of the island. So if its on during the weekend, its HYPERcrowded. But if it works during the week and you are there early you can have incredible tuberides... Problem for windsurfers: the best windsurfing days with strong

NE wind, bring as well the NE swell, so Igueste is just on fire when you have the best windsurfing condicions... So be there early, take your tubes and in the afternoon, El Medano waits for you... Igueste is just some minutes from St. Cruz by car and around 45 min by car from El Medano... CHECK IT OUT!!!