El Socorro - South - Windsurf, Surf

Between St Cruz and EL Medano you will find an alternative spot to the El Medano region if the wind is too northern. El Medano is famous for beeing quite consistent and offering you to sail many days per month without even leaving the village. But the north and NNE wind sometimes doesnt enter at El Medano with its full power. Then its time for the wavecracks to drive 20 min on the highway till Guimar. Continue on the highway towards St.Cruz and take the next exit after Guimar called "Poligono

Industrial" and drive always straight down to the sea, till you see a small group of houses on your right hand side. Drive there and access to the beachroad. Drive then till the southend and around 200m after the last houses you will find a spot very similar to Pozo Izquierdo. Big round rocks at the shore, sideonshore sometimes, but as well some days nearly total onshore wind and on good days up to masthigh waves. It can be very gusty, so dont be surprised that sometimes your 4,2 is too big and some minutes afterwards you feel nearly underpowered. Good for jumping, like Pozo. For surfing its not a spot you need to have seen, but still offers you some fun waves IF theres wind, but not really clean waves.
You can see from El Medano if theres wind! Look out at the ocean, if you see more wind outside the Medano bay, it will work for sure. Take small sails with you. Standard is 4,2. Sometimes you need 4,7. If you inclue this spot during your holidays, you will raise your percentage of sailing...A wild beach, good when the wind is too northern for El Medano and you are hungry for a Wavesession. Beware of the rocks at the shorebreak...