El Medano Bay TradeWind,Wsurf,Kite
El Medano Bay is the spot for every level of Windsurfing. Up to 25 knots its an easy to sail spot. Over 25 knots there are some more waves which makes it more difficult for the beginners.

Beware of the rocks at the right of the bay.
The spot works with the same wind like Cabezo, but always a bit lighter then at the Spot at the north of the village. Works with all tides.
There are different Windsurf, Kite Surf, Surf and CanoeSchools and Rentals. Restaurants, Internetcafes, Shops, a nice Beachwalkway and 2 Hotels make it a small Surftown with an international flair and its proper charme.
Nice beach as well to go with the family. Nearly no rocks. Public showers. Coastguards, Police and Firefighters make this spot very secure. As well as the village protects the spot from the bigger waves of Cabezo.
Very left side is for swimmers, then its windsurfing area and at the right all the kiters find their playground. One of the most beautiful natural beaches of all Tenerife.