El Medano Bay SouthWind, Windsurf

Southerly winds can produce different condicions at the medano bay. It can be from sideoff to sideonshore.

Normally then its a perfect Freestyle Spot. The wind can be quite gusty.
If you are lucky there is some southswell as well and then the Medano Bay is an incredible sideoffshore Wavespot with up to masthigh waves. If you got the flow, the wave allows u up to 6 full power frontside turns. :)
Its then a very easy wave to ride, which allows wavebeginners as well to have long rides. Only take care of the rocks in front of the bunker at the right hand side of the Naish Surfstation. If you take the wave after that bunker its very easy and safe.
With Onshore condicions you can find your own playground as well. Then you will find directly good size waves for jumping as well as for surfing for the advanced waveriders.